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personal assistant of majority company shareholder

from Tbilisi to Venice
27 июня 2024

As a long time customer of  Your Charter Solution (YCS), I am happy to reach out to provide a professional recommendation for their services -  arrange chartres by private jets and flight by helicopters.

Both my chief and I have relied on Your Charter Solution (YCS) to solving business traveling and executive flight services for the past 2 years.  

Over the time that we have worked with YCS, they have become a true partner to our company. More than just a VIP-aviation vendor, the YCS specialists works closely with family office of my chief to ensure that our VIP executive aviation needs are met. Specialists of YCS  show us they are responsible and very  attentive for the reliability of jets that they provide us, focus on preparation of private jet flights and fulfill all obligations due to aircraft charter agreement. 

We are glad to YCS valuable advice and guidance that helps us meet its overall travel goals and objectives.  

As a long-time client of Your Charter Solution (YCS), we are pleased to be able to give them our wholehearted endorsement.

 If you’re looking for a best executive jet provider to your chief and organization, Your Charter Solution (YCS) is an excellent choice in accordance with our experience. 

As the example, month ago Your Charter Solution arranged the flight by private jet to Venice from Tbilisi: 

  • selected best jet due to requirements of my chief;
  • got the good price for charter and overall VIP-aviation services;
  • provided comfort and best services in the airport Shota Rustaveli, during the flight and after landing in the Marco Polo airport. 

YCS approach and quality to fully-satisfied our passengers of flight from Tbilisi to Venice - they clearly express their best estimates for Your Charter Solutions.

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