Отзыв - from Istanbul to Naples - PA personal assistant of Turkey holding’s owner - Augusta


PA personal assistant of Turkey holding’s owner

from Istanbul to Naples
02 июля 2024

Expressing much enthusiasm that we glad to recommend Your Charter Solution (YCS)

 the executive aviation services for charter from Arnavutköy Istanbul to Naples International Airport by private jet.

The managers, dispatchers and other specialists showed my chief and his partners the clearly VIP-aviation services: 

  1. found new private jet Challenger 350 with best technical conclusion after global tech-check-up; 
  2. got fly team: professional 2 pilots - captain of private jet and second pilot , and also stewardess -  together they made the passengers of this private charter to Naples feel real comfort and extremely VIP-luxury services of executive aviation;
  3. provided escort  through the airport to passport control zone and take off zone; 
  4. solved all little issues that had appeared among private jet owners, aviation authorities of Italy and Turkey, services companies (handling, air engineering team, jet fuel providers son on) - Your Charter Solution solved these issues without disturbing us;
  5. YCS finance department offered a very comfortable way of form and terms of payment - the necessary factor of choosing YCS as an executive jets provider being capable of arranging any charter needed by our chief. 

Recommend and trust the Your Charter Solution (YCS) to get the executive aviation services: observing private jet and charter market to find best jets - safety and rent it by adequate prices - guarantee to comfort flight. 

Both my chief and I checked YCS by implementing professional tackle to journey by aviation, airport and transfer services from Turkey to Istanbul.

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