We work 24 hours 7 days a week.

And while others are just coming round after all the celebrations, Your Charter team is already working in full force for the benefit of its customers.

It’s great that today we were paid a friendly visit by some pleasant guests.

These guests were the representatives of our esteemed partner, A-Group Company: Sergei Ryzhov, commercial director, and Nadezhda Turovskaya, PR and marketing director.

During a friendly conversation they told about the news and plans for the nearest future. They mentioned the pre-New Year’s events, in which we also had taken part, and the New Year holidays, holiday flights, and great development plans.

As many of us know, this year A-Group will seriously expand the airport apron for business aviation and infrastructure in general both in Sheremetyevo and Pulkovo.

We discussed the work perspectives in anticipation of the big football championship, and the prospects for cooperation.

We wish our colleagues success in the coming year!