Avinode – the largest Swedish business charter booking system since 2002 keeps track of the companies it cooperates with. Based on the results of their activities, Avinode identified 5 characteristics of a leader in the business aviation industry.

The first characteristic is flexibility, i.e. a leader should not only be able to judge the state of his company and its role in the industry as a whole, but also to adapt to changing external conditions. The second characteristic is perception of the value of each employee and each customer of the company. The third characteristic of a leader is communication skills that can be used with partners not only during business negotiations, but also at informal gatherings. The fourth characteristic is openness to new technologies and methods for increasing the company’s efficiency. Under the conditions of severe competition in the business aviation market, many companies stopped producing business jets, which reduced world shipments by half. This explains the fifth characteristic of a leader – stability and sustainability of business.