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Your Charter is a personal air transport service including management of all phases of the flight, from check-in to landing. You can order an aircraft anywhere in the world at a convenient time or rent any aircraft from our fleet. We can guarantee maximum comfort, reliability and safety.
Your Charter company is a leading player in the Russian business aviation market with 14 years of experience. Our fleet includes the widest range of aircrafts to fulfill any requests and budgets – from small specialized aircrafts to heavy long-haul airliners. On board we provide our customers with individual meals, proper rest, wireless Internet access and other services, including arrangement of negotiations and conference calls, if needed. You can count on our comprehensive assistance with business aviation in 24/7 mode, including holidays and weekends.

Charter flights

We choose only the best operators who guarantee quality and reliability. Get your first quote in 30 minutes and be airborne in 3 hours.

Empty Legs

Either find a destination where you can fly at our special empty leg rates or find a discounted price to your desired destination. Sign up to our e-mail updates to be the first to learn about best deals.

Medical aviation

Medical flights are arranged if it is necessary to urgently transport a patient long distance away – for example, to a specialized foreign medical institution. Your Charter has been providing long-haul medical and sanitary flights for 14 years. Our customers are offered planes specially adapted for patient transportation, as well as medical personnel that provides assistance until the patient is safely delivered to the relevant institution. Modern high-tech devices are able to maintain a stable state of the patient during transportation, in emergency situations qualified medical care is provided.

We make sure that you have your approved menu from a preferred catering provider on board. We work only with top recommended caterers. Moscow region is covered by our own catering provider Jet Catering, Russian top-ranked aviation caterer.


Yacht charter, car and helicopter transfer as well as top hotels and villas rent, we do it all with our partners through our special service exchange program delivering to you best prices and hard-to-get deals.

Aviation consulting

Aircraft and operator audit, pre-buy inspection, AOC setup, crew manning, aircraft insurance and maintenance – our Jet Projects division will guide you through every step from aircraft purchase to selling free hours on it.

Private flights

Private flights to any part of the globe are very popular in the world of modern business, where every minute counts. Your Charter is the largest aircraft fleet in the country and also a team of professionals that provides a full range of services in this field. We can help you with booking charter flights on planes of any size and class, and VIP flights for personal and corporate purposes. Our advantages add in the highest standards of quality on board service, comprehensive assistance with airport procedures, transfer to the destination, absolute safety and confidentiality.

Group charter

The group charter service has a number of advantages compared to the regular air transportation. Affordable costs, convenient routes, individual service on board – this is only a small part of the obvious good points. Your Charter is ready to arrange a group flight for corporate, tourist and other purposes. Every client is assigned to a personal manager, who is available round-the-clock to answer any questions and solve any problems. The flight control is carried out by our specialists at every stage. We transport groups with any number of passengers and are ready to offer the best price solution for each customer.

Business aviation

Cooperation with Your Charter company is an opportunity to visit any place in the world at any time, even if an air service is not established to this particular destination. We offer a fundamentally new approach to the management of business flights, which includes development of a convenient route, development of a flexible convenient schedule, the best service quality at reasonable prices, as well as complete security and confidentiality.

Air transportation

Your Charter is a worthy alternative to most companies engaged in regular air transportation. If you are planning a trip or a business meeting away from home, air travel is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to the right place at the right time. There isn’t always a suitable flight, and airports are usually located far from the final destination. With the help of our company, all your concerns regarding your flight and timely arrival at the right place will be taken care of. We offer high-quality VIP-service and a wide range of related services, including delivery of equipment to any equipped site.

Commuter jets

Commuter aircrafts is the best solution for quick and comfortable flying over any distances. Our commuter jets will take you to your destination in no time. We take care of every passenger, providing necessary services and using a flexible approach to the formation of service costs. Using air taxi, you will save a lot of time and will be able to get to an important business meeting on time. In addition to a comfortable flight, we will ensure a speedy processing of your application and registration.

Speed, cost-effectiveness and reliability is what we stand on

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Our Company

Years of acknowledged excellence

Your Charter is a successfully developing company that has been operating in the business aviation segment since 2004. We specialize in management of individual route flights for one or a group of passengers, medical aviation flights, and aircraft transportation of goods.

Over the period of its work, Your Charter has accumulated valuable experience in VIP passenger service, formed an extensive fleet of 9,900 aircrafts, and selected highly qualified staff. Our company has developed an exclusive scheme of customer interaction, which combines both high level of service and favorable cooperation terms. 24/7 availability, maximum comfort, time saving, and catering on board – these and other advantages are obtained by the customers who chose Your Charter.

Our customers receive overall assistance and support during pre-flight procedures, we select an aircraft and form a list of services in accordance with the financial capabilities of the customer, ensuring the best flight value.

Today our customer database counts hundreds of international companies, business representatives, officials and individuals. The overwhelming majority of consumers, having used our services once, become our regular customers. The quality of our services is confirmed by numerous grateful reviews and a worthy reputation in the market; and our team is named among the best by the recognized experts in the business aviation market. Your Charter is the winner of the Wings of Business award in the Company Broker nomination (2016, 2017) and other prestigious prizes.

We always guarantee clear and reliable information, maximum flight safety, highest level of flight management, reasonable flight costs, highest operational efficiency, 24-hour availability of the manager, and a step-by-step control of the flight.

Why Us

We are the only broker company in European Union which has it’s own full-time 24/7 dispatch unit ensuring that all our flights go smoothly and our customers always have first hand information about the flight status. We eliminate 90% of problems by detecting them at the early stages, allowing us to time to rectify and adjust accordingly, thus avoiding any huge dilemma’s.

Our special training program for charter managers ensures that you get the best prices in shortest time with accurate information. First check, then deliver is our motto.

We try more than others!

The experience we have accumulated over many years of work in the market has allowed us to form our vision of VIP charters

Percent of users recommend us to friends and family
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We deliver so much more than the competition

Everyone who has ever contacted Your Charter company knows how professionally our flights are arranged. All the requirements are met with full attention, care and dedication.
We do everything possible to ensure that customers are satisfied with our service.
Over the years, more than 15,000 customers used our services for personal and business purposes.
And no matter how complicated the task of flight arrangement is, it is carried out by our specialists promptly and precisely. That is why a lot of our clients become regular customers of Your Charter. Each one of them is satisfied with the quality of service and recommends us to his acquaintances, colleagues, and business partners.
Our customer database is large enough, but we really appreciate the uniqueness of each passenger, and therefore, we are always ready to hear your feedback and take it into account in our future work.
We are looking forward to new feedback!

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